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6.2 Miles away from Watercolor Inn.

We offer something for every kind of customer, from top-of –the-line epoxy boards to our ultra-durable Hammerhead that is perfect for rental businesses and rougher watersheds. For limited storage or transport space and maximum versatility and portability, YOLO® Board offers a broad line of inflatables as well. We have built a luxury bike that fits into the industry’s commodity price category. It is just a better beach cruiser than the rest with high-grade materials; three-inch comfort tires, rust-buster frames, coated hubs, cruiser seats & rust-resistant, lightweight aluminum alloy frames that reduce care and maintenance. These cruisers are built to keep rolling so all that is left is to enjoy the ride. Head-turning aesthetics make a difference too. Whether you are riding for fun on a bold and beautiful beach cruiser or differentiating your bikes in a resort or rental fleet, a smooth ride and a strong design and brand directly enhance the overall value of any guest’s experience.